Gielen's vision of Mahler's world view really forms one big whole. (...) We only can be grateful to the conductor for offering these profound insights.

                                                                                                            pizzicato 10|2017 about Vol. 6 (SWR19042CD)


Michael Gielen is a very particular conductor for both Bartók and Stravinsky. He is not so much focusing on elegance and drive, and he is more interested in colours and atmospheres and, generally, narrative and expressive performances. Besides, he always cares for transparency and a lot of orchestral freshness.

                                                                                                            pizzicato 06|2017 about Vol. 5 (SWR19023CD)


Michael Gielen is the sort of conductor whose recordings provide a slow burn: not for him instant gratification, but a mass of interpretative subtleties that emerge more clearly with each successive Encounter, the sort of privilege that only recordings can afford. An absolute winner!                                             Gramophone 05|2017 about Vol. 4 (SWR19028CD)


These highly varied program shows how versatile a conductor Michael Gielen was. Most of the recordings of this box present really inspired and exciting performances.

                                                                                                            pizzicato 02|2017 about Vol. 4 (SWR19028CD)


These are, in my view, the best stereo or digital recordings of the four symphonies you will ever hear or hope to hear, and most of the other performances are equally fascinating and riveting.                                     The Art Music Lounge 09|2016 about Vol. 3 (SWR19022CD)



Michael Gielen's Brahms is intense and forward driving, rhythmically spontaneous, finally shaded, with the full power of dramatic climaxes and beautiful lyrical passages.

                                                   pizzicato 10|2016 about Vol. 3 (SWR19022CD)


Michael Gielen and the SWR Orchestra Baden-Baden and Freiburg prove once again that they are the perfect intermediary with a lot of respect for the composition and their lively Interpretation                                                           Klassik-heute 10|2016 about Vol. 3 (SWR19022CD)


Michael Gielen's Bruckner symphonies are purified, svelte and transparent, and allow a deep Impression of the architecture and the vast thoughts of the composer. For every fan of Bruckner's Music this box is a must.

                                        Pizzicato 6|2016 about Vol. 2 (SWR19014CD)


 If  subsequent volumes of the Gielen EDITION are as good as this then we have a good reason to be impatient for them.                                    Gramophone 6|2016 about Vol. 1 (SWR19007CD)


His reputation rests on his keen musical intelligence. In his conducting, there is nothing routine - even the most familiar piece sounds rethought and fresh. This collection - which contains many first releases - mixes both live and studio recordings, revealing Gielen's skill in both the familiar and less familiar works. (...) I look forward with keen anticipation to the next releases in the series.

                                                                                                    4|2016, about Vol. 1 (SWR19007CD)


The first installment of the "Michael Gielen EDITION" is a winner. (...) In listening through the performances on this superb set, I enjoyed anew Gielen's superb, clean-lined musicality and architectural approach to each score.

                                                                                                                            The Art Music Lounge 4|2016, about Vol. 1 (SWR19007CD)