Volume 10 of the edition will be released on October 8, 2021.





The Edition

On October 30th 2o14 it was announced that MIchael Gielen would no longer pursue conduction engagements owing to health issues. With this in mind, and with regard to his 90th birthday in July 2017, the time seemed ripe to honour this outstanding musician by making a detailed survey of his five-decade career as a leading conductor. Hence the Michael GIelen EDITION.


The Content

The ten volumes of the Michael Gielen EDITION contain Gielen's interpretations of key works by the composers he held most dearly (Beethoven, Bruckner, Brahms, Mahler, Bartók, Stravinsky) as well as works by composers of the Second Viennese School. Additionally, there are Gielen's recordings of works from different periods in music history - from Bach to Schubert, from Carl Maria von Weber to Sergei Rachmaninow, plus works from the late Romantic, early 20th century and post-Second World War periods.


The Importance

This edition will certainly lead to a reevaluation of the conductor Michael Gielen. More important than cementing his reputation as a peerless conductor, however, will be the opportunity to discover a wide range of musical works interpreted at the highest level.