Volume 9 - Ludwig van Beethoven

Item No: SWR19090CD

UPC: 747313909087

9 CD plus Bonus DVD

August 2020

In the Beethoven year 2020 Gielen’s importance as an interpreter of Beethoven’s symphonies deserves to be acknowledged by a separate box within our edition. For a long time Gielen’s core competence was seen in connection with the Second Viennese School, though right from the start of his career as a conductor he had paid particular attention to the “First Viennese School” – Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.


After Hermann Scherchen and René Leibowitz, Gielen was one of the first conductors to take Beethoven’s metronome markings seriously. He took advantage of two invitations from German Broadcasting organisations to establish himself in 1970 as the most radical innovator regarding Beethoven interpretations. The “Eroica” production with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra from 1980 was the first one after a long time to be based on Beethoven’s metronome markings, in all movements and more consistent than ever before. And, no wonder, the recording became quite famous.


The edition contains also the C Major Mass which until June 2007 has been the only important work by Beethoven that Gielen had never performed. The invitation from the SWR ensembles to come to Koblenz for the opening of the festival RheinVokal 2007 was therefore a welcome opportunity to study the piece and produce in advance in the Konzerthaus Freiburg. This next-to-last volume of the Michael Gielen EDITION is as musically interesting as you can expect.

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DISC 1 (69ʼ 22)

1-4 Symphony No.1 in C Major Op.21 (2000)

5-8 Symphony No.3 in E flat Major Op.55 "Eroica" (2000)


DISC 2 (72ʼ27)

1-4 Symphony No.2 in D Major Op.36 (1998)

5-8 Symphony No.7 in A Major Op.92 (1998)


DISC 3 (56ʼ58)

1-4 Symphony No.4 in B flat Major Op.60 (2000)

5-8 Symphony No.8 in F-Major Op.93 (2000)


DISC 4 (74ʼ 13)

1-4 Symphony No.5 in C Minor Op.67 (1997)

5-9 Symphony No.6 in F Major Op.68 "Pastorale" (1997)


DISC 5 (64ʼ34)

1-4 Symphony No.9 in D Minor Op.125 (1999)


DISC 6 (77ʼ20)

1-4 Symphony No.3 in E flat Major Op.55 "Eroica” (1970, live, first release)

5-8 Symphony No.5 in C Minor Op.67 (1970, live, first release)


DISC 7 (44ʼ 17)

1-4 Symphony No.3 in E flat Major Op.55 "Eroica” (1980)


DISC 8 (74ʼ 16)

1 Consecration of the House Op.124 (1986)

2 Overture in E Major Op.72b (1987)

3 Große Fuge in B flat Major (arranged for string orchestra by M. Gielen) (1993)

4-9 Mass in C Major for soloists, mixed choir and orchestra Op.86 (2007,  first release)


DISC 9 (74ʼ44)

1 Egmont Ouvertüre l Egmont Overture (1993, first release)

2-5 Sinfonie Nr. 7 op. 92, A-Dur l Symphony No.7 in A Major Op. (1969, first release)

6-9 Sinfonie Nr. 1 op. 21, C-Dur l Symphony No.1 in C Major Op.21 (1967, first release)


BONUS DVD (45ʼ03)

Sinfonie Nr. 3 op. 55, Es-Dur l Symphony No.3 in E flat Major Op.55 "Eroica” (1987, first release)